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What and Whys are PPPs

A PPP is a partnership between the government and an appropriate private sector partner in which the private party engages in aspects of the provision and operation of new infrastructure assets OR the operation and maintenance of existing infrastructure, thereby providing a public service that the KWSG is directly responsible for.


PPP are also called ‘Non-Traditional Procurement’. This is because their success is more reliant on the private sector taking on a more active role than the ‘traditional’ sense as in purchase contracts or simply building contracts.


PPPs are most successful when there is a demonstrably optimal risk transfer that allows both the KWSG and private partners to handle those aspects of operations that they are each best suited to.


The results are increase in the infrastructure asset and service stock accessible by residents, an acceptable rate of return for the private partner, and a new way for public service management that is sustainable for the KWSG.


Project Identification and Execution


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