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What are PPPs?

Based on the assessment of our experiences with the management of infrastructure assets and services, every PPP executed under our program must meet certain criteria.



Generally, these are the characteristics of ELIGIBLE PPPs:

Medium to long-term agreement

Involves more than simple construction and/procurement of assets

Private partner provides or contributes to the provision of the public asset and/or service

There are clear service benchmarks to anchor performance assurance

New infrastructure – ownership revert to KWSG at the end of the contract term

Private partner revenue stream depends on the availability and quality of service

Revenue stream may be from, KWSG, User charges/tariffs, Combination of the above

Private partner takes on part or all of financial, demand and operational risks at least

Existing infrastructure – private partner may be required to invest in upgrades; ownership revert to KWSG at the end of the contract term










A project may not be a PPP if most of these characteristics are not immediately evident. For these projects, the additional benefits of this procurement style, for both private sector and government, will therefore not be harnessed.


A project is definitely NOT a PPP if:

KWSG is a financial partner AND continues to bear operational and financial risks, which are more appropriately borne by the private party

It is expected that the KWSG would take up ownership of this asset only after having paid the private partner.

Ownership of the infrastructure asset, existing or new, is transferred to the private sector after the agreement term.

Private partner requires KWSG intervention in a manner alluding working capital, labour+r, land assistance, etc.




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