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International Vocational, Technical & Entrepreneurship Colleges [IVTEC]

IVTEC is an unprecedented impact investment & partnership opportunity for the future of nationally responsive market-driven training and skills acquisition. A registered NGO, designed and implemented with a world-renowned vocational training institution, IVTEC is pioneering the reclaiming the meaning and delivery of vocational education through a holistic approach to bridging the skills gap and elevating the individual by focusing on embedding the intrinsic belief that:

  1. Learning is a lifelong pursuit;
  2. Learning should be purposeful and purpose-driven; and
  3. Learning can be as economically rewarding as one’s imagination and determination will allow it to be.

IVTEC is not interested in transferring any burden of morality but rather to focus on how the IVTEC can actually impact the most critical factor of organizational longevity and success.

IVTEC’s Values are: Possibility – Equity – Accessibility – Employability – Lifelong Learning – Responsiveness – Partnership


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